How can we help your organization?

Idea Camp’s approach is holistic, building strategic communications to strengthen how your organization presents itself, interacts with stakeholders and grabs the attention of its key audience.


Internal & External Communications Strategies

When we work with you, whether it’s on a specific deliverable or a larger ongoing project, we create strategies that align with the overall goals of your organization.

We believe that by understanding your organization and your purpose, we can strengthen your existing communications, while uncovering new opportunities to amplify your message.  


Issues Management

When it comes to public opinion, one voice in opposition can speak louder than a crowd in support.  Your organization can be vulnerable to shifting public opinion, misinformation and negative feedback.

We can track the public environment to identify trends or changes in attitude, highlight possible risks and develop an approach for various scenarios in advance of any issues. If an issue has already reared its head, let our team step-in, strategize and respond.

Customized Communications

By understanding your organization, your goals and your challenges, we craft communications that draw-in your desired audience, while also reflecting the values of your organization.

We write compelling messaging and customize your communications channels to forge stronger relationships with existing clients, while building connections with new ones.


Stakeholder Engagement

Whether it be members of the public, strategic partners, volunteers or people with a vested interest in your project, we understand the importance of gaining trust. These key players have the ability to influence your outcomes. 

By mapping your stakeholders and developing a customized engagement strategy, we'll increase buy-in, participation and the overall success of your project. 

Public relations & corporate communications

Public relations and corporate communications are terms often used interchangeably, and while it can be argued they are very different, we provide both services in order to best help your organization:

  • Communicate effectively with key target audiences
  • Develop strategies that support organizational goals
  • Craft compelling messaging
  • Build strong communications channels
  • Be prepared to respond to an urgent or crisis situation
  • Integrate with the larger organizational team


Whether you need help with a large strategic project,
or to boost your team with some extra talent,
we can step in where needed.

Communications Process Mapping

You’ve had a lot of changeover or you’re building a new team and you’d like to get all your communications templates, documents and process in place. We’ll get you organized.

Graphic Design

We all know that an image can speak louder than words. Reports, infographics, logos and more: we can provide options that will help tell your story.

Media Relations

Knowing how to get the right message at the right time, through the right media channel can be tricky. Media pitching, news releases, or interview prep? We’ve got you.

Social Media Management

Growing your online fanbase takes a tailored strategy, great content and a fantastic voice. Whether starting from scratch or taking your social media to the next level, we can help.



Let us tell your story. Whether it’s a blog post, a newsletter, web copy or an annual report, our clear and compelling language will draw-in your target audience.

Media Training

The public record is permanent, so whether it’s your spokesperson, your leadership or other members of your organization, we can make sure they’re camera ready and on message.

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